Pediatric Endocrine Clinic

Pediatric Endocrine Clinic is part of the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Apollo Children Hospital, Chennai.pe_banner

Pediatric Endocrine Clinic includes Qualified Pediatric Endocrinologist, Pediatrician, Geneticist & Dietician who evaluate and manage children with varying endocrine problems.

Hormonal tests:
For children with endocrine problesm, all necessary tests  done as per International Standards and reported at the earliest.

Endocrine Packages are consolidated tests done to minimize time and cost and include Obesity Package and Growth Package.

Stimulation Tests/Suppression Tests:
Following stimulation tests are done in Apollo Children’s Hospital – Growth Hormone stimulation, HCG stimulation, GnRH stimulation, ACTH stimulation, DDAVP stimulation tests

The Endocrine suppression tests include Dexamethasone suppression test, Growth Hormone Suppression test,etc

The other special Endocrine tests include Water Deprivation test for Diabetes insipidus and 48 hours fasting test for suspected hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia.

Bone Age assessment:
Bone age assessment is an important component of pediatric endocrine evaluation and is done as per International Standards using Greulich-Pyle’s method