What is Vitamin D FAGS

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What is Vitamin D?


Vitamin D is actually a “hormone” made in our body which has effects on other parts of our body. It is usually made in the skin on sun exposure.



Why is my vitamin D low?


Low vitamin D levels is seen frequently, and occurs world wide. Reasons for low vitamin D include lack of adequate sun exposure, sun exposure with the body fully covered, and the winter or rainy season when the sun’s rays are not well suited to make vitamin D in our skin. Vitamin D sources in food items is not very common. Some amount of vitamin D is found in mushrooms, egg yolk, fish bones, and fish liver. Pure vegetarian diets may thus further lead to vitamin D deficiency.



Is it dangerous?


Though the vitamin D levels may appear very low or even undetectable, there is no immediate danger or worry. Low vitamin D levels may cause some people to have body pain, tiredness, and joint pains. Most times low vitamin D levels are only recognized on blood tests. It can be easily treated.



What do I do if my Vitamin D is low?


Please get in touch with your doctor if the level is low. Vitamin D replacement is easy, but should be done under your doctor’s supervision.


How can I prevent the level from going low?


Getting some sun exposure daily is important. Sitting, walking or playing in the sun for at least 10-15 minutes daily will help.