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November - 4 - 2016

The growth hormone (GH) stimulation test measures the level of growth hormone (GH) in the blood after you receive medication that triggers the release of GH, such as arginine or GH-releasing hormone. The test measures the ability of the pituitary gland to release GH. In Apollo Children's Hospital, we perform Growth Hormone stimulation testing with clonidine and with glucagon. Clonidine stimulation testing for Growth Hormone: In this testing, Clonidine is given orally and Growth hormone ...

September - 28 - 2016
March - 5 - 2016

Child Growth Clinic is an outpatient subspecialty clinic at Apollo Children’s Hospital that started in 2015 to provide comprehensive specialty medical, nutritional, genetic services and dietary assistance to children referred by pediatric endocrinologist for short stature or failure to thrive by their primary care physician. The Child Growth Clinic is part of Department of Pediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology, Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai. Children with the following health conditi...

March - 5 - 2016

Visit Child Growth Clinic at Apollo Children’s Hospital 12 -2 pm for more information

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March - 5 - 2016

Child Growth Clinic is the first exclusive Growth clinic started in chennai In Child Growth Clinic (established in Apollo Children’s Hospital a year ago), we provide the following services:
1. Initial detailed evaluation by Endocrinologist in Apollo Children’s Hospital 2. Growth Monitoring – Plotting in IAP growth chart, assessment of midparental height 3. Investigations For children who need further evaluation, we have devised a comprehensive growth pack...